You will reach the North Pole and join the team of chosen ones!

You will reach the North Pole and join the team of chosen ones, who spent the night on drifting Arctic ice! You will be the first who could reach the North Pole neither on an icebreaker nor on a plane, but unique Russian manufactured transportation – snow sleigh Nerpa Arctic. You will earn a place in history of Arctic, because no one in the world could overcome the ice path from continent to the North Pole and back by any kind of land transportation for a short period of time – 6-10 days. You have a phenomenal opportunity to become snow sleigh Nerpa Arctic expedition members and become the Guinness Book of World Records participants with your names in the history of Arctic development!

Dreams come true!

There will be achieved following records (Applications are already being processed):

To witness and verify the Records, the Guinness Book of World Records, the Russian Book of Records and the Achievement Registration Department representatives will be invited. All the 26 North Pole expedition members will be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Russian Book of Records by name and will earn a place in history of the Arctic conquest.

One of the most popular tourist destinations is the North Pole. Tourists on snow sleigh NERPA Arctic can get to the top of the world, organize barbecue or even swim in the Arctic Ocean.

Travelling to the North Pole after 2000 was commercialized, and Russia firmly holds the primacy in this exotic kind of tourism.

Our company developed a unique project - a trip by snow sleigh NERPA Arctic to the North Pole to 90°N. Brave ones are invited to make their way to the North Pole, accompanied by experienced instructors during the period from March to May. Nobody has done it before! You will become one of those chosen travelers who have covered enormous distances on the unique transportation snow sleigh NERPA Arctic with the speed up to 150 km /h (93 miles/h) on the Arctic ices. This journey will take from 6 to 10 days. Snow sleigh NERPA Arctic in the number of two units will come from the point of urban village Tiksi and go towards the North Pole. In each aero sleigh there will be two instructors-drivers, interpreter-cook and 10 tourists. After all, there will be 20 tourists from all over the world.

Surprisingly you can make this journey for just a few days. The North Pole is the point of convergence of meridians, where the imaginary axis of Earth's rotation crosses its surface in the Northern hemisphere. The pole is located on the surface of powerful drifting perennial ices that covers the central part of the Arctic Ocean the whole year, where the depth reaches more than 4,000 m (2486 miles). The purpose of traveling through the ices, hummocks and frosts of the Arctic is the point, which could be only defined by navigational system - from where the road goes to the South in any direction.





Arctic Ocean, 89-90° north latitude.

How to get there:

A 12-hour flight from Moscow to Tiksi.

Expedition team:

Snow sleigh NERPA Arctic in the number of two units will come from the point of urban village Tiksi and will go towards the North Pole. In each aero sleigh there will be 2 instructors-drivers, an interpreter-cook and 10 tourists. In general, there will be 20 tourists from all over the world.

Dates of the expedition:

March 05 – March 11, 2018

March 17 - March 23, 2018

March 30 – April 05, 2018

April 12 - April 18, 2018

April 25 - May 01, 2018

May 01 - May 07, 2018

May 27 - June 02, 2018


6-10 days.

Time zone:

Tiksi: +6 hours time difference with Moscow.

Climatic conditions:

In April, when the sun doesn’t go beyond the horizon, the weather is frosty and fairly stable (-15 ..- 30 ° C (5 -22 ° F), and the ice reaches its maximum development. However, there is a high probability of the weather change - storm winds, snowstorms, blizzards, cyclones arrival with decreasing temperature. Changes of weather and ice conditions (ice breaking) can lead to a change in the schedule and the number of days of the expedition.

Pay attention:schedule and number of number of days of the expedition to the North Pole strongly depends on weather conditions!




Program Description:


Day 1. Moscow - Tiksi.

Departure from Moscow - Vnukovo airport. Upon arrival in Tiksi transfer to the booked hotel. A friendly dinner in the restaurant in Tiksi, to get to know the expedition team better.

Day 2. Tiksi.

Skills training and rules of conduct being on the snow sleigh NERPA Arctic during the expedition.

Day 3. The beginning of the expedition.    

Embarkation into the snow sleigh NERPA Arctic. The beginning of the expedition to the North Pole.

Day 3 - 4. The way from Tiksi to the North Pole.

The way from Tiksi to the North Pole takes three days.

Day 5. The North Pole.

Arrival in the geographic North Pole area. Overnight stay at the North Pole. You will spend a day in the North Pole surroundings.

Day 6. The North Pole.

Celebrating the achievement of the North Pole. You can report about it on the satellite phone to your family and friends. The bravest can dive in the Arctic Ocean waters.

Day 7 - 9. The way from the North Pole to Tiksi.

The way from the North Pole to Tiksi takes three days.

Day 10. Getting back to Tiksi.

Awarding ceremony of the North Pole achievement! Celebration party in the Tiksi restaurant.

Day 11. Tiksi – Moscow.

A 12-hour flight from Tiksi to Moscow. 

Expedition cost - $ 40 000/per person


transfers airport-hotel-airport Tiksi;

• meals during the expedition;

• awarding ceremony of the North Pole achievement in Tiksi;

• friendly dinner in Tiksi;

• rent of equipment for security (portable radio, navigation system, weapons);

• rent of other group equipment;

• one call from the pole via satellite phone (2 minutes maximum);


Any food in Tiksi;

• any cultural and entertainment program in Tiksi (dog sledding or glacier trekking, excursions, etc.);

• any alcoholic beverages;

• travel cancellation insurance (recommended);

• any clothing and personal equipment;

• all unforeseen expenses related to the delay of any flights;

air travel to Tiksi;

• souvenirs and postal services;

• accommodation in Tiksi;

• additional excursion program in Tiksi;

• personal equipment;

• Personal accident insurance on board $ 100,000 coverage that includes, among other risks, the risks of emergency evacuation and repatriation - an indispensable condition.


A jet aircraft is used for flying from Moscow to Tiksi. From Tiksi to the North Pole, a new generation Snow sleigh NERPA Arctic is used. Speed over snow is up to 150 km / h (93 mil/h); speed over water is up to 60 km / h (38 mil/h); carrying capacity - 5 tons (2204.62 lbs). The range is 4 000 km (2486 miles).


Important Information

VERY RECOMMENDED! To take for this trip about 2 weeks of additional free time and DO NOT PLAN ANY IMPORTANT THINGS during that time! The date of the planned expedition can be postponed due to bad weather or other reasons. It is necessary to consider and plan a sufficient amount of time to participate in the North Pole expedition. All costs associated with the delay of any flights (accommodation, meals, tours, ticket changes, etc.) DO NOT INCLUDE IN THE COST OF THE EXPEDITION! It is strongly recommended to have a spare time, tickets to be exchanged and a traveling insurance. IN CASE OF REFUSAL FROM EXPEDITION PARTICIPATION FOR THE REASON OF CHANGING THE DATE, CANCELLATION FEE IS 100% OF THE COST THAT YOU HAVE PAID!

Expedition to the North Pole is an extreme adventure, connected with a lot of random factors. Taking all possible measures for successful completion of the expedition, the organizers reserve the right to change or cancel the time and schedule of expeditions due to bad weather and / or ice conditions, political situation, strikes, wars, revolutions, terrorism and / or other factors beyond the control of the organizers. Such decisions will be taken only in the interests of all participants and their personal safety.


Necessary expedition equipment. You need to bring the following personal items with you (You can purchase it through our company with 20% discount):

Warm jacket and pants (thinsulate): 1 set

Expedition shoes: 1 pair

Expedition gloves: 1 pair

Windstopper membrane hat: 1

Thin underwear from (polycolon): 1 pair

Pants and jacket Polartec 300 or Polartec 200

Gloves or mittens that you usually wear in winter time: 1 pair

Expedition socks: 2 thick pairs

Glasses 100% UV & IR: 1

Sunscreen: SPF 40

Hygiene Lipstick: SPF 40

Personal first-aid kit: tablets that you usually take, as well as aspirin, medical patch, bandage, etc.

Large travel bag or backpack: 1 or 2

Casual clothing to wear in civilized places

Pants and jacket from Polartec 300 or Polartec 200

P.S. Pants and a jacket from Polartec 200 or 300 can replace your warm winter sweaters and trousers if you put them on a thermal underwear.

ATTENTION! We recommend a list of the basic set of polar expedition clothing, but everybody handles cold in differently. If you have any equipment checked by you in cold conditions and definitely suitable for you (for example, mittens or a hat), we recommend taking it with you.


Overnight stay in special heated tents on the Arctic ice near snow sleigh NERPA Arctic.

Requirements for the expedition participants

Participate in the expedition to the North Pole is not at all difficult, if you can move freely and do not have physical limitations. If you are keen on tourism, go hiking, then you will calmly pass the expedition. Consult your doctor before deciding to participate in the expedition. The experience of various hikes, ascents and winter field camps will greatly help. Winter sports are welcome.

Necessary documents/Visa:

• medical questionnaire;

• waiver of claims;

• a copy of the foreign passport;

• a copy of the accident insurance for $ 100,000;

• foreign tourists need a valid Visa to enter the Russian Federation. The final destination does not require a visa, just a valid passport.



The first attempt to reach the North Pole was made in 1607. The English seafarer Henry Hudson tried to get to Greenland North, but could not overcome the ice shields at Spitzbergen. Over the next three centuries several American, British and Russian expeditions tried to reach the Pole, but their attempts failed.

The fact of the first ever conquest of the extreme northern point of the planet by Americans Frederick Cook and Robert Peary remains to this days controversial. Cook announced the achievement of the pole in 1908, but did not provide convincing evidence, and Peary reported the conquest of the northern top of the Earth a year later - but his evidence was also questioned. The Soviet expedition "North-2" participants are the first indisputable conquerors of the North Pole. In April 1948 they landed at the treasured point 90°N. Well, the first vessel that paved the way through the ice packs to the pole, was also the Soviet icebreaker "Arctic" in 1977.



The North Pole is one of the most amazing places on our planet. There are no four sides of the world: wherever you turn, it's south, and all the winds blow there. Around this "top of the world", along with the daily rotation of the Earth, the stars rotate and never rise or set, and the main one - the Polar, the beacon of all the travelers of the northern hemisphere - has frozen forever in the zenith.

This is a great trip for people who are not afraid of sleeping in camps when it’s a strong cold and love the wild nature. In April it is a perfect weather here. Air temperature is between -30°C  and -10°C (-22°F and 14°F).

The last years an arctic tourism started developing intensively. If previous years only foreigners visited the Arctic, now also our Russian travelers started discovering this north area.

Russia has a huge potential of developing for this industry. The biggest part of Arctic belongs to Russia: vast plains covered with tundra and forest-tundra, where many animals live; islands with icy deserts and semi-deserts; mountains, lakes and rivers, where are created all the conditions for recreation; unique flora and fauna; the opportunity to communicate with representatives of 11 different native northern peoples; historical artifacts and monuments. Representatives of almost all species of mammals of the Arctic live here: polar bears, arctic foxes, bowhead whales, narwhals, beluga whales, walruses, ringed seals, sea hare, harp seals, about a million wild reindeer and a thousand varieties of plants.



Tiksi (Yakut. Tixia) is an urban village, the center of the Bulunsky ulus of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The sea port to the east of the Lena estuary on the shore of the eponymous bay in the Laptev Sea.

Founded as one of the points of the Northern Sea Route in 1933. Nearby is the polar station founded in 1932, and also the Tiksi Polar Geospace Observatory, founded in 1957. There is an airport of federal significance. The status of the urban village has been since 1939.

Population – 5892 people for 2010.

Tiksi is one of the northern ports of Russia. Navigation lasts less than three months. The city is beyond the Arctic Circle. The climate is severe, arctic. Frost slightly softens the sea, the average temperature of January -32°С (-25,6°F), July and August (the warmest months) is only 7 °С (44,6°F). At the end of September, a climatic winter comes, and it ends only at the end of May (and sometimes only in June). All year round frosts are possible.

North Pole

Speaking formally, the North Pole is virtual point where the axis of Earth’s rotation goes through and located in the central part of the Arctic ocean. Along with the South Pole, this is one of two significant places for our planet, almost the top of the world. The concept of geographical longitude is absent here, because all the meridians converge on the pole. And the formal coordinates of the North Pole that determine the tourist ‘credit’ like ‘I stood on the North Pole’ - 90°’N. And also there is no time zone, so travelers on the North Pole have a great privilege – to live on their home time zone. And even if your American tent neighbor has a deep night, you can go on living on Moscow time zone.

Amazing features of the North Pole - polar days and nights, when the sun either doesn’t go beyond the horizon, or vice versa - doesn’t show up for six months. And it is here that you understand the importance of the Polar Star for travelers of all times and peoples - at the North Pole it is just at the zenith.

The nearest settlement to the pole is located at a distance of 817 km (508 miles) and belongs to Canada, and the nearest land is a tiny island off the northern shores of Greenland, which is 707 km(440 miles) from the North Pole. Let's remind: the pole is located on ice, under which there are 4261 m (2.7 miles) of oceanic strata.


The North Pole and the surrounding Arctic Ocean don't belong to any country, so the opportunities for tourism here are the widest - neither visa formalities nor customs regulations. However, the Arctic territory is divided between five neighboring countries - USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Russia, so that in order to arrive at the North Pole as a tourist, you will have to comply with the immigration rules of the country of entry.


The North Pole Climate

Visiting the North Pole is available from April to September. Most cruises go there in June-July. April is the most suitable month of the year for hiking – a month when the Russian drifting station Barneo comes closest to the legendary point, and from there you can easily reach the pole by helicopter.

The air temperature at the North Pole in summer (which coincides with the Russian one, because it is the same hemisphere) is about 0°C, whatever surprising it may seem. The surrounding pole of the Arctic Ocean doesn't cool below -2°C (28.4°F) and serves as a thermoregulator for land, so in mid-summer it may be warmer than January in Moscow. Some days, the temperature can rise to +2°C (35.6°F) or to drop slightly - to -2 ...- 4°C (28.4°F 24.8°F). Even in spring, the temperature doesn't drop below -10°C (14°F).

The winter temperature is -25 ° C …-45 ° C (-13°F -49°F), but tourists don't have to worry about it, because the winter months are "occupied" by professional researchers and travelers - extremals.




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